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But First You Need A Plan


As the Irvings head into their second decade of marriage, they’ve mostly abandoned their dreams and are committed to just getting by. But on a warm night in October, a falling woman changes everything.

Cassie is certain her husband Danny has left her until he turns up in the hospital after a shooting on a rooftop, an unexplained incident that has also left a woman dead on the sidewalk below. The best way to move on is to trust that Danny has no memory of the night and embrace his plans for a golden future, but Cassie is haunted by the falling woman. When dark details from Danny’s past begin to emerge, Cassie sets out on a journey of discovery, re-examining her own choices while she untangles years of secrets: youthful mistakes,
missing persons, an ill-gotten artifact—they all lead inevitably to that tragic October night. As Danny tries to patch over the past, Cassie races to avert the consequences of his good intentions—and finds herself trapped between his silence and the truth.

A masterful weave of secrets and of crimes old and new, But First You Need a Plan abounds with thrill, urgency, and the threads that will remind us all of our finite time.

I love, love, love the mystery element in the novel. It kept me reading faster and faster, eager to know what happened on that roof! I gasped and nodded in equal measure, proving Flannery O’Connor’s advice that a good ending has the reader saying both, “I never saw it coming,” and “I knew it all along.” Ann Hood, New York Times bestselling author


K.L. ANDERSON has spent most of her life looking for balance between the creative and the analytical, the human and the natural. She has degrees in English and Biology, and has worked as an ecologist, wetland scientist, and technical writer and editor. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in Seattle with her husband and son. But First You Need a Plan is her first book.


  • K.L. Anderson, But First You Need A Plan (novel)
  • ISBN-13 978-1948585712
  • 304 pp
  • Paperback 6” x 9”

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