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Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize

2020 Winners

The 2020 Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize was judged by Cris Mazza and the winning title was the collection,Wife With Knife by author Molly Giles. Cris Mazza said of Giles collection, “This book reminds me of Alice Munro. Like Munro’s stories, the reader experiences an immediate immersion into the story and characters’ lives, situations, attitude, and problems. This partially comes about through masterful first lines. No easing into the story. It’s a dive without having gotten wet first… and without any gasping confusion.”

  • Wife With Knife by Molly Giles (Adult)


Cris Mazza is the author of over 17 books, including Various Men Who Knew Us as Girls, Waterbaby, Trickle-Down Timeline, and Is It Sexual Harassment Yet? Her first novel, How to Leave a Country, won the PEN/Nelson Algren Award for book-length fiction. Mazza has co-edited three anthologies, including Men Undressed: Women Writers on the Male Sexual Experience. In addition to fiction, Mazza has authored collection of personal essays, Indigenous: Growing Up Californian. Currently living 50 miles west of Chicago, she is a professor in the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.